How To Dive (Effectively) Into The Unknown

Learn the steps required to successfully guide you through times of change or other difficult struggles.

No matter how set in stone your life and your lifestyle may feel to you, it doesn’t take much to disrupt everything you’ve grown so accustomed to. Whether it be a new job or getting over a breakup, things happen in life that require you to dive into the unknown. But just how can you do so effectively to make the most out of your experience? We’ll discuss this below.

The first thing to always remember about diving into the unknown is that there is a reason we are taking this step away from our comfort zone. In the case of a new job, it represents new opportunity (and hopefully more money) and a means for giving your family a better life. And in the case of moving on from a breakup, it is simply because you know that moving on is what’s best for you emotional health. In both of these instances, and in all cases of diving into the unknown, there is a clear driving factor at play. Something motivating you to do what you are doing. So even if the journey may cause fear and doubt to set it, it is important to remind yourself why you are taking a leap of faith, despite the struggles that often come with it.

As just mentioned, you will most likely face some fear and doubt throughout the process. However, it is paramount that you embrace such emotions as opposed to avoiding them completely. Attempting to do the latter will only bottle it up until it reaches a boiling point. And when this happens you can set yourself way back in terms of coming to terms with and acclimating yourself to the unknown you’ve just dove into. Such “negative” feelings are actually natural.  And by embracing such feelings with an open mind, you actually condition yourself to see fear and doubt and all these other emotions as valuable parts of the experience. Like we always say: life is a journey – keeping emotions locked up (good or bad) keeps you from living out life to the fullest.

Once you’ve gotten a clear understanding of the unknown you are about to embark upon, and fully embraced the fears and doubts that come with it, how do you actually get through the struggle? The answer is simply to take it slow and steady. Although each case is different, a great way to look at it is to take it day-by-day. I don’t remember the exact quote, but I know there is a saying something along the lines of “each day is a new beginning” and that totally applies here. Whatever struggles you are anticipating for the day, go into it knowing that tomorrow will start again with a fresh set of challenges that you need to overcome. This will help you to focus only on the day ahead of you, and nothing more. And it also helps you a daily sense of pride being able to get through the day unscathed. Over time, these days add up, and eventually it becomes months and hopefully by that your current situation is now the new normal, meaning you’ve effectively conquered what was previously the unknown.

Our last tip is a simple one, but no less effective than any of our other tips, and that is to rely on your friends and family in hard times. Despite the unknown journey being yours alone, it doesn’t mean that you have to face it alone. Your closest confidants are the perfect people to open up to about any struggles you are facing, and while they directly may not be able to help you get through the issues you are facing, the simple act of talking it out and sharing your emotions with them can put you at ease, even if for a slight moment. But remember our last point: each day is a new beginning. So even if their support is short-lived, getting you through the day can do wonders for you given you make it a conscious effort to be taking it one day at a time.

So there are my tips to helping you not only survive the unknown, but to thrive in it. No matter how difficult it may seem, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel if you take the right approach to facing the various changes in your life as they arise. And by following my tips above for diving effectively into the unknown, you allow yourself to create a better, more enjoyable life in the end, which is always the ultimate goal.