Orgasm To Free Your Body And Mind

Learn how an orgasm is so much more than just sexual pleasure.

For this article, I decided to write something a little bit more personal. Something that definitely hits close to home to me personally, but one that I truly feel is a great lesson for everyone to read and learn about. I’m talking of course about the art of orgasm.

I remember the first time I bought a sex toy (a magnificent silicone dildo from I was still living at home with my parents, and as you might have guessed they were pretty conservative. So I had to basically sneak off away from my parents while we were at the mall, purchase the dildo at a low-key sex shop there, and then sneak it back home in my handbag as well. But it was totally worth it that night when I had my first orgasm.

As I began masturbating that night, I felt such immense pleasure throughout the session, but none of that came close to the sensation of actually climaxing. It was like a wave of sexual energy was released out of my body all at once, and that energy somehow lingered with me for a few hours after the fact. Although at the time I didn’t think much of it, I eventually realized that what I experienced, and what I experience every time I orgasm is a thing of beauty and a huge part of liberating my soul.

It definitely sounds corny I know, but it’s the truth. If you are an avid masturbator you probably already know what I’m talking about, at least to a certain extent. Your body is in a state of ecstasy, your mind is free of worries, and you just feel tingling and amazing in the immediate aftermath of climaxing. In fact, many people attribute all of these sensations as part of a spiritual release (myself included).

The key word here is “release”. Because you aren’t just releasing your sexual tension and sexual energy when you orgasm, although that is definitely the most obvious form of release. But you are also releasing all sorts of other emotions and energies as well. When you orgasm, you cannot help but be fixated only on your sexual pleasure and the orgasm itself, even if just for a few seconds. In that short period of time, you are physically incapable of focusing on the elements in your life that are, for lack of a better word, irrelevant to this intense sexual moment. That is what I mean by the term “release” and I think it truly is a fitting description of what occurs every time you orgasm.

From an emotional standpoint, having frequent orgasms is a great way to release stress in your daily life. While we are in this state of sexual ecstasy, we also end up being stress-free, often for hours after the actual orgasm has occurred. We are also generally in a better mood and feel good about life in general.

From a physical standpoint, after an orgasm, you typically feel very relaxed, almost to the point of being tired. Your breathing slows down naturally and your overall physical state is one that is beneficial if you need to go to sleep, or simply need to slow your heart rate down for whatever reason. Plus, having an orgasm does burn some calories, not only from the orgasm itself, but also from the events that led to the orgasm (i.e. your masturbation session or your sex session). While it is admittedly just a few calories in total, they are burned calories just the same, and can definitely add up over time.

And from a mental standpoint, having an orgasm puts your mind at ease. You just experienced pure sexual pleasure at its finest, and came into touch with an aspect of your life that all humans can appreciate (albeit to varying degrees). Along with your reduced heart rate, your brain stops racing and you have an opportunity to just take everything in and think about life itself. Or not to think about anything in particular at all. Either way, the ability to give your mind a mental break from thoughts and feelings that invade every second of your life otherwise is something that should not be overlooked.

As you can see, having an orgasm is good in multiple ways. And while there is probably no clear consensus or scientific research regarding just how beneficial having frequent orgasms really is, anyone who does experience orgasms on a regular basis would agree that they are nothing short of amazing. So if you aren’t someone who orgasms frequently, I strongly urge you to try climaxing at least once per day. It will really make a difference in your overall well-being!